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Offering 24-hour turn around placenta preparations for the city of Bend. Influenced by her previous work at San Francisco Community Acupuncture, Full Moon preparations draw from Traditional Chinese Medicine methodologies. Morgan also offers uniquely tailored herbal blends for the postpartum period. Full Moon Placenta Preparations strives to continue the "mothering of the mother" through postpartum. Morgan received training for placenta preparations through Full Circle Placenta Specialists, competed her OSHA training with Biologix Solutions and holds a food handling license through the state of Oregon.

Why Encapsulate?

While human research is limited, there are a great deal of animal studies clarifying the benefits of desiccated placenta consumption. The placenta is rich in nutrients, minerals and hormonal factors that may enhance your recovery from childbirth and ease your postpartum transition. Most mammals continue this practice intuitively. It has also been recorded in human culture for centuries. Many choose to encapsulate for support in milk production from the Placental Lactogens. Others choose it for potential stress and pain relief from Cortisones, Prostaglandins and Placental Opioid Enhancing Factors.  Interferon may support the immune system while Iron replenishment is said to aid with recovery, energy, handling sleep deprivation and moods. While larger studies are in process in regards to human placental encapsulation benefits, the safety of a properly prepared placenta is clear. Dosage suggestions are made individually in regards to your specific health history and with IBCLC lactation specialist recommendations. Please reach out if you have further questions.



After processing your placenta with a light steam and a slow dehydration, it is ground into a fine powder. This powder is placed into small gel capsules. Each placenta is a different size and yields a different amount of pills, but on average you receive 150-200 pills. Dosage guidelines are outlined in regards to your individual pregnancy and birthing history.

Postpartum Herbal Blend Add-On

Before encapsulating your placenta, you have the option of having a custom blend of postpartum supportive herbs added. This will be based on your postpartum concerns and intake information.


Many people desire to use their placenta preparations when their menstrual cycle returns. A small portion of the placenta is set aside and preserved in an alcohol base tincture. This preserves the placenta for longer term storage. 

Umbilical Keepsake

The umbilical cord is set in a simple spiral and dehydrated. It is kept in a small muslin bag. 

Sitz Bath Herbs

Specially prepared herbs aimed to support the healing of your bottom after vaginal delivery. With these herbs you may brew a tea for a shallow sitz bath, or even use them in a peri-bottle to rinse your perineum postpartum. Sanitary napkins can be soaked in the brew and frozen for a soothing cool pack as well.


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By entering my name below, I understand and acknowledge that there is limited research in regards to placenta encapsulation and consumption. I also understand that my encapsulated placenta is not intended to prevent or treat any physical or mental diseases, ailments or symptoms and that I am choosing to consume my placenta for my own personal beliefs, whether it be spiritual or cultural. I understand that my placenta has been handled and encapsulated according to OHSA and Oregon State Food Safety and Handling standards, and has been cleaned, cooked, dehydrated and put into pill form in a sanitary and sterile work space. Upon receiving my placenta capsules from Morgan Miller, I waive any and all rights to hold her responsible for any undesired effect of consuming the capsules. I put full trust and acknowledgement that it is being handled in a sanitary and safe environment. I understand that upon receiving the pills, Morgan Miller is no longer liable, including but not limited to any other person(s) ingesting my own placenta capsules. I am aware that Morgan Miller takes great effort to pick-up and return placenta preparations in a 24-48hr window. I am aware that unforeseen incidents may arise delaying their return. I am aware that Morgan Miller is a full-time midwife and may be at a birth when initially contacted for pick-up. I am aware that Morgan Miller works with a fully trained back-up placenta specialist. In the event my placenta is sent to pathology, I am aware it will no longer be safe for consumption. In the event my provider or placenta specialist deems my placenta unsafe for consumption, I will receive a full refund. I am aware Full Moon Placenta Preparations offers an alternative Herbal Postpartum Blend for $60 for those who may not consume their placenta, yet still seek supplemental support. I am aware that payment is due in full at the time of placenta pick-up. Payments may be made in cash, check (payable to Morgan Miller) or through Paypal (payable to fullmoonplacentaprep@gmail.com). By entering my full name below, I acknowledge and agree to the above statement.