Postpartum Integrated Midwifery Care

with a Planned Hospital Delivery

We see evidence worldwide that increased postpartum and neonatal support can foster better outcomes for the whole family.

As Primary-Care-Providers during the postpartum and neonatal period, licensed midwives can bolster your confidence and smooth transitions with holistic visits taking place in the comfort of your own home or in the loving and respectful birth center environment.

For those seeking supplemental postpartum care, the Integrated Midwifery Care model focuses on an individualized package of evidence-based education and counseling along with the reassurance of regular clinical check-ins.

Care Includes:

-Free Postpartum Planning Consultation (before delivery)

-1-hour Postpartum Home Visits (including Well-Baby Care)

-1-hour Postpartum Clinic Visits (including Well-Baby Care)

-Postpartum In-House Lab Collection as needed

-Newborn Medications as needed

-Newborn Testing (i.e., bilirubin, glucose, etc.) as needed

-Newborn Metabolic Screening

-Nursing Support and Weight Checks

-Diastasis Recti follow-up and referral

-Well-Woman Care (Pap smear, breast health, etc.)

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