Natural Birth Control Visit

Hormonal contraceptives can be an amazing tool for your healthcare, however many of us cannot or are not comfortable using this form of birth control. Fortunately, altering your hormones is not the only effective method of birth control as there are a variety of options these days that are safe and effective. Learn about reclaiming your cycle and ways to mitigate PMS while taking control of your own fertility. At your 1-hr visit we will discuss your personal short- and long-term fertility goals and what options best correspond to your individualized birth control plan.

Individualized visits include:

-Comprehensive Health History

-Review of Menstrual Symptoms or Concerns

-Nutrition and Lifestyle Recommendations

-Review of hormonal and non-hormonal Birth Control Methods available

-Referral for Care as needed

-Introduction to Cycle Charting as needed

-Discussion of long term Family Planning if applicable

-Caya, Contragel, Today, FemmyCycle and Good Clean Love products available for purchase

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